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One More Reason I Love Living in Egypt

Updated: May 9, 2023

Pyramids of Giza, Photo By Author

No one loves Egypt because it's an easy place to live - it's not.

But every so often, a day comes along that makes it all worth it.

Most days present one or more struggles unique to our ancient neck of the woods, or desert as it were.

Insanely congested traffic is a viable excuse for every instance of lateness or otherwise not showing up.

Power outages are common, which is a bummer if you live on the twelfth floor and have to drag your sweaty, tired hump up the stairs with a bunch of groceries.

The water gets shut off without warning or explanation.

It comes back on when it comes back on.

The 105-degree heat in the summertime adds a multidimensional layer of discomfort, which makes you wonder, how much worse can it get?

For every creature comfort gone dry, there's an equally magnificent upside to living in the land of pharaohs.

Need antibiotics? No need to go to the doctor; simply call the pharmacy, share your symptoms, and they'll deliver what you need in an hour.

Lost on the street? No problem, because everyone wants to help you find your way among the 20 million souls walking around Cairo.

In the mood to stand where Pharaohs once stood? Simply walk out your front door because you'll find more than one spot in a matter of minutes.

Let's talk about health care.

It's nearly unaffordable in the United States, where I'm from.

If you are lucky enough to afford it, good luck getting an appointment before a month or two.

And even then, it's just a consultation.

Sure, you can go to a Redi-care or the emergency room, but what about a dental emergency?

Zero options.

Unless you're in Cairo!

It's 9:00 pm. at night and I just got home from a super fun destination wedding on the Red Sea. I couldn't be happier.

And then my crown pops off while flossing!

Few things send me into a panic more than tooth problems.

I can't eat, drink, or breathe through my mouth without pain.

I WhatsApp my dentist, and boom!

If you can be here in an hour, we'll take care of you.

So, I haul ass and make it there at ten on the dot.

Of course, there are many appointments before me, and I need to wait, but hey, I'm happy with that.

Eleven rolls around and then midnight comes and goes until it's my turn, at last!

I know he's not going to have time to numb me, so with all my courage, I plop down into the chair and announce I'm ready and I don't need a shot.

I can see he's proud of me since we know there's no time for a shot.

He gets to work quickly, and I'm back to my toothy self again in less than thirty minutes.

Can I give you a hug, I ask him, is that weird?

Nope. Not in Egypt!

Ancient Egyptian fun fact - The earliest known dentist in the world is named Hesyre, and he's from Egypt!

And just like that, it's one in the morning as I leave the dentist's office.

I'm a little nervous about waiting for a taxi on the street because I don't know this area well, so I ask the receptionist if she'll wait with me.

Absolutely, she says. Her kindness touches me.

After I shimmied into the taxi, I realized they didn't charge me.

One more reason I love living in Egypt.

I need coffee strong enough to wake up my ancestors! You can buy me one here if you enjoy my scribblings! Many thanks, xoxo

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