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People always ask why do you love Egypt so much? 

I see only beauty in its rough edges and ancient streets. I love every part of Egypt, not just the Pyramids of Giza. 

There are over 5,000 years of history on this land, and you feel it every time you walk outside.

Perhaps it's because you're standing where Ramesses the Great once stood or even Queen Cleopatra. 


In Egypt, you have the chance to reach back into antiquity and touch greatness. When did my love affair with Egypt begin? Between 5 - 7,000 years ago.

Work with me!

I'm Wendy, an Egypt-based writer, photographer & personal development enthusiast from Michigan. I write about Egypt travel, ancient Egypt, and personal development.

I'm a global citizen and provide a unique perspective through my writing. Hire me to craft dynamic articles for your blog, website, or business. 


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