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10 Amazing Facts About Ancient Egypt

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Ancient Egypt gave the world countless inventions we still use today. They were an advanced society concerned with personal care and discovered innovative ways of staying comfortable in the harsh desert climate. While some aspects of ancient daily life may seem strange today, many are still practical like dentures! Let's take a look at 10 amazing facts about ancient Egypt.

1. Career path: Professional mourner

Imagine your career as a professional mourner in ancient Egypt. Yep! That could have been your career path. Professional mourners smeared their bodies with dirt, wailed to the gods, beat their chests, and pulled their hair. Egypt was a society of order and balance, but death was an exception for wild displays of emotion and grief.

2. Beer for breakfast

Breakfast consisted of beer and bread for both adults and children. While beer and wine were consumed in preference to water as it was full of unsafe bacteria. Ancient Egyptians drank beer all day long.

3. Beauty

Both men and Women wore makeup, perfume, and wigs. Ancient Egyptian lined their eyes with black kohl to prevent bacteria and reduce the sun's glare. Egypt's perfumes were highly prized, and they believed it brought them closer to the gods. Wigs were worn for religious and festive occasions.

4. Hair & hygiene

Personal care was a mainstay and both men and women shaved their heads for hygienic and religious reasons. Children had had their heads shaved except for a lock of hair on the side. It was called the sidelock of youth and was cut off during a coming of age ceremony.

5. Turn on the air conditioner

Ancient Egyptians invented one of the earliest knows air-conditioning techniques. They hung wet strips of the reed plant in the windows, and when the wind moved through, it provided a cool breeze. How innovative!

6. Where are my pants?

Children did not wear clothes until around puberty. The harsh desert climate is no joke!

7. Ancient, but how ancient?

Egypt is so old; it was considered ancient during the reign of Queen Cleopatra. Cleopatra embraced the gods, religion, language, and traditions of ancient Egyptians.

8. Surgery & penicillin?

Ancient Egyptians practiced surgery and invented various surgical instruments. They were ahead of their time and so advanced they even used moldy bread to treat infections!

9. Meow

Cats were considered sacred creatures and were worshipped as such. Ancient cults dedicated to the feline goddess Bastet have been discovered with countless mummified cats.

10. A trip to the dentist

The ancient Egyptians are credited with inventing and popularizing the first dental bridges, which helped people replace adult teeth that were lost. Egyptian dentists accomplished tooth replacement by threading thin gold wires around and through a replacement tooth and then attaching the wires to nearby teeth in the mouth. Amazing!

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