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The Best Way to Get What You Want Is to Know Why Your Worthy of it

When was the last time you considered how your beliefs influence the outcomes in your life?

I recently fell in love, and I knew it was going to happen beforehand because my attraction point is powerful.

But so are my subconscious thoughts which recycle between you don't deserve love or anything else.

Although the man I fell in love with said he was falling in love with me, he didn't.

I jumped off the bridge into what I thought was a river of love while he stood idly by.

How did I attract such an absurdly painful situation?

I wanted to fall in love more than anything, and I was "ready"

I've been in love a handful of times, but unrequited love is the Titanic of heartbreak, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Why do you think it played out like this?

Like many, I harbor a deep sense of unworthiness about receiving love.

For every desire, I have a slew of thoughts that contradict why I don't deserve it, can't have it, and if I get it, can't keep it.

It's the prime feeding ground for misalignment and attracting a half-version of what you want.

Sound familiar? You bet it does. We spend more time in that headspace than we're willing to admit.

Have you ever managed to manifest what you want only to have it slip through your fingers?

It seems like a cruel world when you get what you want, only to have it fade as quickly as it appeared.

Face it; there's often a divide between what you want vs. what you believe you can have.

Let that sink in because it will save you months if not years of confusion, pain, and being in the dark about why you don't have what you want.

Consider the difference between your wants and beliefs because their relationship is wholly interdependent.

P.S. If your desires don't match up with your beliefs, you're wasting your time

Don't think for one moment the universe doesn't hear your private thoughts and inner dialogue.

Moreover, it responds in kind with precisely what you believe you deserve.

Your mind runs wild with thousands of thoughts per day about things you want.

You want to change careers, get fit, fall in love, visit the Pyramids, buy a new car.

But what about the follow-up?

It's not enough to want something; you must believe you can have it and know why you're worthy of it.

Your beliefs are the flames under the pot and the outcome is the alchemy of your wants + beliefs!

You don't have what you want because you believe you don't deserve it

Although I thought another broke my heart, the real heartbreak is I didn't believe I deserved love.

What I sought from without is what I needed from within.

The situation I attracted mirrored the thoughts I believed, which I have the power to change.

And that, my friends, is the journey called self-love. It has a beginning yet no end.

The great Persian poet Hafiz said:

The words we speak become the house we live in

So too, do the thoughts you think.

The key to getting what you want lies not only in believing you can have it but in knowing why you're worthy of it.

You are worthy.

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