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How Long Should You Keep Your Happiness in the Future Instead of Now?

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We all do it. We place our happiness in the future instead of now because we have big plans for the outcome. I get it. But how long should you put your happiness on hold until you start to enjoy your life? I have bad news. Without understanding what happiness means for you now, you likely won’t find it in the future. Think of it like chapters in a book. Every new chapter brings new faces, places, and challenges. The story is constantly evolving — your story. Your goals, needs, and dreams change as you do. Your idea of happiness does too, and that’s a good thing. Hopefully, it expands to encompass more.


People always talk about happiness as if it’s a fixed location, and once you arrive, you can unpack, pop a squat, and live happily ever after. I wish happiness were as simple as a bus stop on a map, but it’s not. It’s not what we’ve been taught to believe because we’ve been programmed to think it comes from the outside. Otherwise, millionaires would be 100% happy because they’ve reached the place everyone thinks is home to happiness. It’s a mirage.


Happiness is a path and process. It’s winding, bumpy, full of surprises, and rarely what you expect. Moreover, it’s subject to change depending on what you think it is at the moment. The scariest thing is it’s been within your grasp all along. It’s a choice. I know you want to fight that statement because so do I. But no matter how you slice it — it’s your sandwich, babe.


The pursuit of happiness never ends. It’s an active mindset, and without your willingness to enjoy it now, it eludes you. One of the biggest myths about happiness is it = money — full stop. But people use money as an excuse to be unaccountable for their unhappiness. Reread that last statement. Now let it sink in. Research shows that more money doesn’t equal more happiness. The good news is spending time doing the things you love does equal more happiness. In other words, experiences trump money & possessions. I know what you’re thinking. I need money to have the experiences I want to have. But how many excuses are you willing to entertain before you realize it’s still your choice?


Everyone wants to know the secret to happiness. There is a secret to happiness. The world can’t give it to you, nor anyone in it. Ask yourself what happiness truly means for you, and then commit to allowing yourself to experience it along the way. Because life is a continuum, and the finish line always inches forward. You don’t have to wait for conditions to improve before you decide to be happy. You only need to ask yourself, “Why wait?”.

The secret to happiness lies uniquely within you.

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